Charger Chronicles – Our History through Extra Curricular Involvement


Beginning on my first day within the Spotswood School District, it became immediately apparent, as an educational community, that we believe extracurricular involvement is an essential aspect of the total school program that provides many educational and growth experiences not necessarily learned in the classroom.

Be it through band, art clubs, or school plays; through the school newspaper, literary magazine, or yearbook; through Heroes & Cool Kids, peer mentoring, or CAMP programming; through History Club, robotics, or the science fair; through NHS, DECA, or Community Cares; through involvement in Spirit Week, field day, or school dances, students are provided the opportunity to explore interests, experience personal, develop lifelong passions.

The history, the story of these experiences, of involvement in our extracurricular programming, is documented within the program tiles presented to the right.  While each folder contains documents connected to the programs indicated, you will also find an additional file in each folder named Flipbook Documents.

Flipbook Documents are materials presented using FLIPHTML5, an interactive publishing platform that transforms scanned pages into digital magazines.  However, due to security features that are in place, direct links from Google Drive to FLIPHTML5 are not possible.  While most links on this document will not relate to the program folder being viewed, at present, this is our solution to be able to still offer the more engaging experience of FLIPHTML5.

While you may find our available materials limited, I ask that you check back as we continue to collect, review, digitize, archive, and post new resources regularly.  With that said, enjoy and as you explore the provided materials, it is my hope that you can still see the benefits that extracurricular involvement in Spotswood has brought to you over the years since you last left our halls.

Once a Charger…

Graham Peabody Superintendent Spotswood Public Schools