The Charger Chronicles

The Charger Chronicles – A Topical History of the Spotswood Public School District


Over the course of my career in the Spotswood Public School District – one that started in 1995 as a Social Studies Teacher at Spotswood High School – I have had the opportunity to meet, teach, and work with many people who have both subtlety and profoundly shaped the history of our district.

With the desire to provide a “front row seat” to our history – the events witnessed, the stories heard, and the people involved – Charger Chronicler is presented as a celebration of our history – of all those whom have walked the halls of our schools – to offer a view through the windows of the past even as we continue to provide a opening through the doors to the future.

As it has been a privilege to be part of our educational community for nearly three decades, I truly hope that you enjoy this walk down memory lane as much as I do and may it create many more for years to come.

While you may find our available materials limited, I ask that you check back as we continue to collect, review, digitize, archive, and post new resources regularly.


Graham Peabody Superintendent Spotswood Public Schools